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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Check heat safety on your phone

OSHA is now offering a free heat safety app for the iPhone and Android. The new Heat Safety Tool allows you to estimate heat risk levels anywhere you and your phone goes.

Working in the heat is always a big safety concern this time of year. Exposure to heat can cause illness and even death. The most serious heat caused illness is heat stroke. Other heat illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heat cramps and rash, are additional causes for concern.

Heat stroke occurs when the body's temperature regulatory system fails and sweating becomes inadequate. The body's only effective means of removing excess heat is compromised with little warning to the victim that a crisis stage has been reached.

A heat stroke victim's skin is hot, usually dry, red or spotted. Body temperature is usually 105oF or higher, and the victim is mentally confused, delirious, perhaps in convulsions, or unconscious. Unless the victim receives quick and appropriate treatment, death can occur.

With OSHA's Heat Safety Tool installed, you have vital safety information available in the palm of your hand to immediately calculate the heat index for the worksite and risk levels. A simple click allows you to receive protective-measure reminders so you take the right steps at each risk level. 

Reminders help you ensure your crews are drinking enough fluids, taking rest breaks. It will help you adjust work operations, gradually build up workloads for new workers, provide heat illness sign and symptom training and monitor each other for signs and symptoms of heat-related illness. The app even supplies plans for dealing with a heat illness emergency.

Get the jump on heat illnesses! Download the app here


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