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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

DuraLabel Article Library

DuraLabel has always worked to provide their customers, and others, with useful information that will improve safety, productivity and the workplace.  They have just opened their library of artictles making the complete workplace library available online on the DuraLabel.com web site. This is the main web site providing information about DuraLabel printers and supplies. (Check it out when you need a new custom label printer.)

You can read only of the articles online. All of the articles are available free. No log-in is required.

These new DuraLabel articles cover a wide range of safety, productivity, workplace, and -- of course -- label and sign making  topics. Here is a partial list of the articles that are available online:

Safety Signs
    Construction Dangers and Construction Safety Signs
    Suggestions For Safety Slogans
    Safety Pictures - Making Effective Safety Signs
    Stadium Safety Signs and Labels
    Safety Security Signage

Safety Regulations
    ANSI Z535 Safety Signs
    Industrial Safety
    Creating An OSHA Safety Plan
    How OSHA Sets Standards
    Safety Label Communication
    Regulations Still Drive Safety Signs
    Industrial Safety Audit

Safe Workplace
    Hospital Facility Safety
    Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS)
    Lab Safety
    Chemical Safety
    Emergency Egress (Getting Out In An Emergency)
    Safe Workplace for Utility Industry
    Ten Common Hazards for Facilities
    Make Safety Your Business
    Creating Your Safety Manual
    OSHA 300 (Accident Reporting)

Guides To Improving Efficiency
    Color Coding Can Bring New Efficiencies to Global 5S Management
    Floor Marking
    Pull System-Kanban
    Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR)
    Properly Labeling Tangled Cables
    Labels, Signs and Printers - Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP)
    Tool Crib Management
    What is Six Sigma?

Labeling Requirements
    Electrical Labeling Requirements for Solar PV Systems
    What to Consider When Labeling Products for California Proposition 65
    Making Custom Signs
    Standard Hazard Symbols
    Making Workplace Signs
    Pipe Marking - ANSI Color Coding
    Mil-130 (Military Labeling Specification 130)
    Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

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