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Friday, February 10, 2012

DuraLabel 7000 Large Format Printer

DuraLabel 7000 Large Format Label Printer
Looking for a custom label printer that makes labels that are a little bit bigger than those made by a standard four inch label printer?  Larger size labels are more visible, easier to read, and they attract attention so their message gets noticed.

The DuraLabel 7000 label printer is a seven inch label printer that is perfect when larger labels are needed.  Combined with the unique extra large die-cut labels that are only available from DuraLabel, and you have an economical, super quality system for making extra large arc flash labels, pipe markers, RTK labels and other types of labels that deliver important information.

Large size labels also provide more room for providing operating or maintenance instructions.  For example, instead of using tiny print (or multiple labels) to provide a six step start-up procedure, a single DuraLabel 7000 label has room for the complete start-up procedure.

A good example of using larger labels are drum labels.  A larger size label allows the information on the label to be read from a greater distance.  This means drum contents can be easily be identified from a distance.  Using extra-large RTK labels on drums helps employees, contractors and vendors to be aware of chemical dangers far sooner than if normal size labels were used.

The DuraLabel 7000 uses tough tested DuraLabel supplies, including DuraLabel vinyl.  DuraLabel vinyl is the only vinyl that comes with a five year warranty on the labels you make.  No one else provides a warranty on the labels you make.  That's because no one else has the quality DuraLabel has.

Call 1-888-326-9244 and ask about special DuraLabel 7000 kits.  You'll get the DuraLabel 7000 label printer, and the supplies you need to get your labeling jobs done right.  Call today. You'll be glad you did.

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