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Monday, January 23, 2012

Emergency Exit - Floor Marking & Exit Signs - ISO 7010

Which way do you go to get out?  Where is the exit?  During an emergency, when there could be a lot of noise and confusion, can you quickly find your way out of the building?  Is the sign pictured here helpful?

This sign says "Emergency Exit"... in Polish.  Unless you can read Polish it is not very helpful in directing you out of the building.  That's why a new set of safety sign standards has been developed based on using pictures. ISO 7010:2003, Graphical symbols - Safety colors and safety signs - Safety signs used in workplaces and public areas, provides this new standard for safety signs.

The sign to the left is an example of an ISO 7010 compliant sign.  Without using words it clearly shows the way to the nearest emergency exit.

ISO 7010 emergency exit signs are not limited to safety symbols. They may include text.  The Polish text and the safety symbol in the sign to the left can be combined on one sign.  However, ISO 7010 requires the specified safety symbol always be included.  The text is optional.

There are a number of other graphical ways to show people how to get out of a building in an emergency.  The most common is to use floor marking tape.  This is particularly important for marking emergency exits such that they can be found in the dark. Luminescent floor marking is used to mark the pathway to an exit and outline the exit.  Emergency exit signs are also made using luminescent materials.  The result is an illuminated and well-marked path showing the way to the nearest exit.  This is impossible to achieve using anything other than luminescent floor marking tape and signs.

When you need floor marking, the place to turn to is DuraLabel. With DuraLabel's advanced technology and wide selection of supplies, you can get both the right floor marking tape and the right materials for making needed safety signs.

DuraLabel has five types of floor marking tape, each available in multiple colors - except for the luminescent floor marking tape which is only available in luminescent green.  DuraLabel also has luminescent supplies for making emergency exit signs, or other materials such as reflective vinyl, premium vinyl, high tack vinyl (for direct application on difficult to mark surfaces) and various sign making materials for use in harsh environments.  With over 50 types of supplies available, you can always find the right supply for your emergency exit marking requirements.

Call DuraLabel today at 1-888-326-9244.  You'll be glad you did.

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