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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Industrial Grade Labeling Supplies Are From DuraLabel

DuraLabel Continuous Vinyl
An industrial grade labeling supply is a labeling supply that is stronger, more durable, and available in more sizes and materials than office grade labeling supplies.  DuraLabel is the leading maker of industrial grade labeling supplies.

How can you make a comparison to determine which labeling supply is best?  That can be difficult because you can't really try a supply without buying the label printer that uses that supply.

What about warranties as a basis of comparison?

The most commonly used labeling supply is continuous vinyl. All suppliers of continuous vinyl provide a warranty that states that their vinyl will be free from defects.  But how does that translate into actual performance?  How can you identify a defect in continuous vinyl?  You can see something obvious, such as holes in the vinyl, or missing adhesive, or vinyl that can't be printed on. But that does not tell you how good the vinyl is. Will labels made with this vinyl last?  Are they truly resistant to peeling, cracking, fading, moisture, chemicals and sunlight.  You'll only find that out after you've made labels and applied them - and it may take several years.  And still the supplier will say you didn't install the labels correctly or didn't properly clean the surface.

There is one labeling supply warranty that stands out.

DuraLabel is different. With DuraLabel you get a warranty on the labels you make.  If they fail, you get a replacement roll of vinyl, no matter what the circumstances are. We know you don't want to spend the labor man-hours to replace labels prematurely.  We know you want to get your labeling jobs done and not have to do them over again.  So we know you are not going to be sloppy and install labels in a way you know they will quickly fail.  We also know DuraLabel continuous vinyl is the best, longest lasting vinyl you can get. It is the only Tough Tested vinyl and it must survive DuraLabel's rigorous QA process.  The result is the unique DuraLabel five year warranty of the labels you make.

It's a warranty with no where-as, if, but or exceptions.  No complex legal language.  If a label made with DuraLabel premium continuous vinyl fails within five years of the purchase of the vinyl, DuraLabel will provide a one-time replacement roll of vinyl.  It's that simple.

That's how you can tell DuraLabel is the best.  DuraLabel is the only industrial labeling supplies vendor that provides a warranty like this.  DuraLabel is the only labeling supplier that 100% stands benind the quality of the labels made with their supplies.

Call 1-888-326-9244 today and ask about special DuraLabel kits. You'll be getting the best labeling supplies, the most outstanding printers, and incredible customer service.

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