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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Use DuraLabel, Get The Labeling Job Done Right

Yesterday I was talking about getting the job done right. That's what DuraLabel is all about. With the wide range of DuraLabel printers, their tremendous quality and versatility, and the huge selection of over 50 types of label and sign making supplies, DuraLabel is truly the printer that not only gets the job done, but gets it done right.

DuraLabel Supply Catalog
The selection of labeling supplies available for DuraLabel printers is truly amazing. Check out the online PDF version of the DuraLabel Supply Catalog.

What do you need?  The most popular DuraLabel supply is DuraLabel Premium Continuous Vinyl. It is the only Tough Tested vinyl and the only vinyl that comes with a five year warranty on the labels that are made with this vinyl. Have you ever had problems peeling the liner from a label? Then get the XPressPeel version of DuraLabel vinyl. Express peel makes removing the backing from a label easy -- even for those of us who don't have much of a fingernail.

There are also a number of variations of DuraLabel vinyl. For example, DurLabel invented two-color vinyl. That's white vinyl with a colored stripe along the top. Two color vinyl is used to make ANSI compliant two-color safety signs (danger, warning, caution and notice labels) as well as for specialized label and sign making applications.

Do you need to be able to hand write critical information onto a label? Information you don't wanted changed or removed -- such as calibration information?  Use Embossable Poly Tape. When you write on it with a pen the writing is indented  (embossed) into the label and remain permanently a part of the label.

What about labeling surfaces that reach high temperatures? DuraLabel has the right supply. No matter what you need to label, give Graphic Products (DuraLabel) a call today at 1-888-326-9244.  Ask about special offers on DuraLabel kits.  You'll be glad you called.

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