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Monday, November 21, 2011

Self-Laminating WireWraps - Available For Color Coding

Another DuraLabel first was the creation of chemical resistant, color coded self-laminating wire wraps.

DuraLabel Self-Laminating Wire Wraps
A self-laminating wire wrap provides an opaque header, on which the label information is printed. A clear tail wraps around the wire or cable, covering and protecting the printed information. Cables up to about 0.9 inches in diameter can be labeled.

Color self-laminating wire wraps not only make it easy to identify cables using cable color coding, but they may also be used on tubing and conduit. Essentially any, small, cylindrical object can be labeled using DuraLabel self-laminating wire wraps.

Resistant to moisture, sunlight and chemicals, DuraLabel self-laminating wire wraps can be used in locations exposed to harsh conditions.  One of the harshest conditions is outdoors under direct exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is very efficient at breaking down materials such as labels.  DuraLabel supplies are Tough Tested to ensure long life, including when used outdoors.

Since DuraLabel self-laminating wire wraps come on a continuous roll, there is no width limit. If you need cable labels that are one inch wide, you can make them.  If you need a conduit markers that are six inches in width, you can make them.  That's one of the great features of DuraLabel printers and supplies... extreme flexibility and versatility.  That means a better ROI for you, and the assurance that when you buy a DuraLabel printer you'll get the job done right.

Call 1-888-326-9244 today and ask about wire marking using DuraLabel printers. You'll be asked a few questions so we can understand what you need, then we'll be glad to make a recommendation. And here's an inside tip -- ask about a special DuraLabel kit. Depending on which printer and supplies you need, we may be able to put together a package that will offer even greater value.  Call today, you'll be glad you did.

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