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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Safety Training Videos Available Free

Videos are the most effective means of providing training.  They present the needed information, and when done well, do so in a memorable way. MSHA has created an excellent series of videos about mine safety that are relevant to safety in any industry.  For example, the first video covers safety awareness, a safety topic we all need to be familiar with.

Workplace Safety Videos
Graphic Products has started to make the MSHA safety videos available on DVD. This allows these safety videos to be viewed without an internet connection.  Plus these DVDs may be freely copied so employees can take them home and view them at anytime.

The first DVD covers safety awareness, and chemical and dust hazards.  All of the videos on the DVD are in both English and Spanish.

You can get your free copy of this workplace safety DVD on Graphic Products' main DuraLabel web site.  Use this link to go to the free ordering page: free safety videos on DVD.

Graphic Products provides a variety of safety resources as a free service for our customers. You can see a listing of all available free safety guides by going to: free safety and productivity guides.

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