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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Labeling Uneven Bumpy Surfaces

The instructions for applying labels always seem to say they must be applied to a clean, dry, flat surface. What if you don't have a flat surface? What if it's bumpy? What it it's uneven?

DuraLabel Conformable Polypropylene Tape
The reason why flat surfaces are required is because vinyl has a memory. It will try to return to it's original shape - which is generally the shape it was in on the roll. When you apply a vinyl label on an uneven or irregular surface, it will pull free from any part of the surface that is lower than any other part.  In other words, it will fall off.  The thicker the vinyl (thicker vinyl is stiffer), the sooner the failure.

What's the solution?

There are over 50 types of supplies available from DuraLabel. You can always get the right labeling supply. That means you can get a DuraLabel labeling supply that is appropriate for uneven and irregular surfaces.  It is called DuraLabel Conformable Polypropylene Tape.

With its low shape memory and ability flex, labels and signs printed with DuraLabel Conformable Polypropylene Tape will provide long life on surfaces were other materials fail.  Labels made with this supply can be placed on textured walls and natural surfaces.

DuraLabel has the right answer when custom labels and signs are needed. When you need a custom label printer, call DuraLabel 1-888-326-9244. You'll be glad you did.

DuraLabel Conformable Polypropylene Tape is just one of several labeling supplies used on uneven surfaces. Depending on surface properties another supply, such as DuraLabel High-Tack Tapes or DuraLabel Nylon Labeling Tapes may be a better option.

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