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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

DuraLabel Label Printer Catalog

Looking to buy a label printer? Check out the DuraLabel catalog. Both the DuraLabel Equipment catalog and the DuraLabel Supplies catalog are available online as PDF files.  Use this link (DuraLabel Catalogs) to go to a page where they can be downloaded.

Who buys DuraLabel printers? Sales of DuraLabel printers have been gowing faster than any other brand of label printer. More and more companies are discovering the advantages of owning and using a DuraLabel printer.  For example, with DuraLabel you get the only labl printer and supplies that are Tough Tested.  DuraLabel has an in-house test lab that assures that all DuraLabel products are nothing but the best.

But with DuraLabel you get more than the best printer and best supplies... you get unbeatable customer service and a warranty that puts our wallet behind our claim to be the best.

Unbeatable DuraLabel Customer Service - With DuraLabel you never pay to ask a question. There is no service contract to buy. We care about our customers and we want our customers to have ALL the information they need.  For as long as you are a DuraLabel customer you may call toll-free and ask as many questions as you'd like. We're here to help you get peak performamce from your DuraLabel label printer.

No One Has A Warranty Like DuraLabel - We claim our premium vinyl is good, very good. It's easy to say those words, but are we willing to put our wallet where our claims are? You bet we are! No other label printer supplier offers avwarranty like this: the labels you make with DuraLabel premium vinyl are warrantied to last five years.  No questions asked. It does not matter where they were installed. DuraLabel premium vinyl labels will last at least five years or you get a new roll of vinyl, free.

Isn't it about time you checked out DuraLabel? Give us a call right now. 1-888-326-9244. Ask for some free sample labels. If you are ready to buy a label printer, ask about DuraLabel kits. They include a printer and all of the supplies you'll need -- and you get a discount.  Call today, you'll be glad you did.

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