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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What You Should Know About the DuraLabel TORO

DuraLabel TORO Printer
The DuraLabel TORO is a new printer from Graphic Products, the company the makes the DuraLabel line of label and sign printers.  What do you need to know about the DuraLabel TORO?  It's an amazing printer and it is hard to know where to start when describing the features.  The engineers at DuraLabel started with a blank slate and designed the DuraLabel TORO from the ground up.  The TORO design was not limited by existing hardware, engineering, or thought processes.  It started with a wish list of what a label printer should be and the DuraLabel engineers made those wishes come true.

What does that mean?

The DuraLabel TORO is the only stand-alone, battery operated, fully portable four inch printer.

Stand-alone means the DuraLabel TORO includes everything needed.  Drivers, software, templates and symbols are all built in.  User manual and even training videos built are in... nobody has thought of doing that before.  It is trult stand-alone. Nothing else is needed.

Portable means that it is fully battery operated, it includes an advanced technology touch screen, and the keyboard is built into the side of the printer.  Others have thought of kluging a monitor and keyboard onto a printer, but as you can see from the sleek design of the TORO, with the TORO they are not an after-thought.  They have been thoughtfully engineered such that the portability and useability of the DuraLabel TORO have been enhanced.

Plus the DuraLabel TORO is an advanced technology label printer in which the technology has been used in ways that improve the performance, convenience and to overall make the TORO's powerful capabilities easy to use.  It's fun to play with advanced technology devices, but with the TORO that technology truly enhances the value of the TORO making it easier and faster to use.

The #1 use for the DuraLabel TORO is pipe marking. So we invite you to visit the Pipe Labels web site to learn more.

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