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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DuraLabel Supplies For The DuraLabel Toro

There are no labeling supplies like DuraLabel supplies -- and the newest DuraLabel printer, the DuraLabel TORO is no exception. 

How can I say that?

Just check out the DuraLabel supplies warranty.  Most labeling supplies, including DuraLabel, come with a warranty on the material and workmanship.  If you get a defective roll of vinyl, it will be replaced.  That's good. But what about the performance of those supplies?  The printer manufacturers and dealers make a lot of claims... our vinyl lasts five years...  supplies exceed the quality specifications... maximum durability...  BUT, are any one of them willing to stand behind these claims by warrantying what they claim?

Yes, just one.  DuraLabel.

DuraLabel premium vinyl performance is warrantied.  "If labels made with DuraLabel Premium Vinyl fail within five years of purchase, we will provide a one-time replacement roll of the same supply."

Isn't that an amazing warranty?  It's simple and straightforward.  There are no ifs, buts or exceptions.  There is no legal speak.  That's DuraLabel, the only brand of label printers that stands behind their claims by providing a simple warranty that backs up what they claim.  That's why more and more people are buying DuraLabel printersand supplies.

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