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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DuraLabel Advanced Technology Delivers Floor Marking Options

The purpose of floor marking is to keep people safe, keep your facility organized and guide people to their destinations.  DuraLabel has the floor marking supplies that accomplish these goals.

Flexible Floor Marking Tape
For example, DuraLabel Printable Floor Marking Tapes are a unique floor marking supply that allows you to customize your floor marking.  The lines you place on your floor can include information that identifies storage locations.  They can include symbols and pictograms that warn about hazards.  You can make custom floor markings that, for example, include your company logo.  With DuraLabel Printable Floor Marking tape you can improve your visual communication to create a safer and more productive workplace.

Another example are DuraLabel Flexible Floor Marking Tapes.  Many floors are not perfectly smooth and level. There may be slight bumps between sections of concrete.  There may be raised areas that serve as barriers to prevent water flow.  There may be ridges where repairs have been made.  Ordinary floor marking tape is too stiff to conform to these variations in the floor.  DuraLabel Flexible Floor Marking Tapes are engineered to adhere to irregular surface where other floor marking tapes will peel off.

A third example is DuraLabel Photoluminescent Floor Marking Tapes.  This tape will provide lines on your floors that will glow in the dark, leading people to safety during emergencies.  When there is an emergency there can be a lot of confusion, in particular if it's dark.  DuraLabel Photoluminescent Floor Marking Tapes require no power source, they start glowing anytime it becomes dark.  They can clearly mark aisles, warn about hazards, and direct people to the nearest exits.

With DuraLabel you know you'll always be getting quality. Quality products.  Quality service. Quality support.  And you won't be asked for your credit card whenever you have a question.  To order quality DuraLabel floor marking tape call 1-888-326-9244 today.  You'll be glad you did.

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